Being Online All The Time – Advantage Or Lack Of Self-Esteem?

Content advisory 14+ How does being online affect your mind? It is quite evident that many people across the world spend their entire days on the internet. The question as to why being online all the time is good has become so common today. Let see how this affects our lives.

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We can’t deny the fact that internet has become part of our existence, thanks to technology that has … Read the rest

A Saint among the Unsaintly

Контент 18+ (лексика)

I scratch my head in wonder at why some people want to plant bombs in cinemas or attack people with broken glass over the issue of whether a long-dead and politically inept Russian czar, a century ago, had a girlfriend prior to his official marriage.

But when you pull it all together  -- and assuming it wasn’t a conspiracy, as one of my students thinks, dreamed up … Read the rest